Preparation & Maintenance of your Spray Tan in Cranbrook

  1. Day Before Your Tan Exfoliate before your treatment to remove dry, flaky skin that causes uneven tanning.For extremely dry skin use a salt scrub, this allows time for the oil in the scrub to be fully absorbed. Oils block DHA penetration. Shave or Wax the day before your tan
  2.  Day Of Your Tan Your skin should be clean. However, avoid high pH products like bar soaps that stop the DHA bronzing reaction.The day you tan, try an exfoliating body wash. Do not apply lotions or perfumes prior to tanning. Use deodorant very sparingly. Remove makeup and jewelry before the tanning process. Wear loose fitting clothing. Tight clothes can rub off the DHA bronzer and smear the cosmetic bronzer.
  3. Original and Venetian Spray Tans     Immediately after your session avoid activities that may cause you to sweat excessively to avoid streaking the cosmetic bronzer. Use the air conditioner in your car on a hot day. 
  4. REMEMBER: You have just been ‘painted’ with a water soluble solution. 
  5. IMPORTANT!! You must avoid water entirely for at least 4 hours or you will stop the tanning action of the DHA. Wait at least 16 hours or more before showering or bathing with any kind of soap or shower gel.If you must shower or bath before the 16 hours wait at least 4 hours and use only plain water.
  6. Supreme Spray Tan    Rinse off in Warm water no longer than 3 hours (usually 1-2 hours)
  7. All Spray Tans The cosmetic bronzer will wash off in your first shower or bath. This is normal. 
  8. Chlorine is a bleach so avoid swimming in chlorine treated water for at least 24 hours after your session. 
  9. 24 hours after your session and daily there after apply a tan extending lotion such as Norvell Prolong Moisturizer. This type of lotion has a light bronzer in it to extend the life of your tan. It will not build it but it will maintain.
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